About the Snappy Pouch

The Snappy Pouch came about when I had my wallet stolen in California years ago. I used to keep all my essentials (cash, ID, cards) in old cigarette cases, but they aren't secure, and I needed something to keep my essentials with me. I started carrying a purse, but I kept leaving it everywhere, I am really bad at matching my purses to my clothes, and to be honest, bags just aren't me.

I was randomly watching online sewing tutorials, and I came across a small lip balm holder. I was intrigued with how easy it was to put together, but it couldn't fit anything major into it. I wanted to create something small, easy to use, attachable, and cute at the same time. I found some Kam Snaps and charm squares from Tuesday Morning. Throw in some fusible interfacing for a little increased stability, and a lobster clasp, et viola! Snappy Pouch! It doesn’t take long to make them, the charm squares are the perfect size for these. Usually, though, no one Snappy Pouch is the same as the other due to the odd pattern cuts from the fabric.  However, it’s worth it to note how unique each one is on its own.

Snappy Pouches can attach to anything with a loop: zippers, belt loops, bra straps, tote bags, diaper bags, you name it. They’re super convenient for quick trips out, or if you don’t want a bulky purse to wrestle with. This is perfect for grocery shopping, trust me on this one. Use the lobster clip to attach it to the shopping cart so nothing is taken while you’re browsing. They make fantastic gifts for children in school, your college student going back to the university, travelling abroad, the possibilities are endless.

I really love mine, I attach it to pretty much anything. I get compliments constantly.  My plans for these will expand to three different kinds: Basic – just your run of the mill cotton Snappy Pouch that you can beat up and wash a ton of times and not worry about it; Exclusive – A collection of Snappy Pouches that are featured seasonally, which will accent each of your festive moments in life: holidays, family events, etc.; Custom – Snappy Pouches made from cotton where I can either print your logo, family picture, anything you’d like to put on fabric, or use HTV to personalize your pouch with your name, initials, etc. 

Thank you for coming by, and if you’d like to purchase the Snappy Pouch, click here, you will be directed to the Snappy Pouch sale pages. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think, rate and review my Snappy Pouch if you purchase one, and please have a great day!