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“I love my snappy pouch! …I will say I am so impressed with how well made they are. I am on my 2nd one in almost 3 years and the first one is still in great shape, I just wanted a different design is why I got the 2nd.”


“I’m just in love with this Snappy Pouch I got from Junee B of Junee B Designs. It’s handmade with love and even has 2 quarters in it (one from my birth year!) This will be perfect for my keys!”


“It’s the best for when I’m running errands with the boys, and don’t want to take my whole bag/wallet.”


I love this Snappy Pouch! I don't take nearly as much with me on errands that I used to. If it doesn't fit in my pocket or Snappy Pouch, I don't need to take it.


Small, Lightweight

Each Snappy Pouch is made to be lightweight, durable, and small enough to hold your essential cards, IDs, and cash, without getting in the way.

Easy to take on outdoor adventures

Don't worry about leaving your bag and essentials in the car, or jamming them all in your pocket when you go skiing, hiking, biking, or even on that 5K. Each Snappy Pouch clips onto zipper pulls, belt loops, and even bra securely without being bulky so you can feel better about where your IDs, cash and cards are when you're out.

Stylish and Affordable

Snappy Pouches can be made in a variety of fabrics, from regular organic cotton, to vegan leather, faux leather and suede, old clothes of loved ones, and waterproof ripstop nylon (coming soon!). All Snappy Pouches will work with your outfits and fashion style to complement your personality.